Prospective resident -

Aviator is a great place to live it’s quiet the grounds are kept up really good the maintenance staff is awesome their right there when you need anything fixed the office staff is so professional their really nice people

Megan Bentley - Facebook

The Aviator Apartment homes are in better hands now then they were last December when I moved in. There may be issues but WE FINALLY HAVE A COMPANY THAT CARES about us.
A month ago the inside of my house was flooding , molding and falling apart. The regional manager Kyle came out as soon as he could and because of Leah our manger on site we have been listened to and cared for tremendously.
They moved my family and kids in a better complex and we have had ZERO ISSUES.
On there expense. TWhat complex and there staff do you know that go out of there way for you? Because this one does.
COVID and Back up work are the only things that give this company a reason to be behind. ALL THE PATCH UP work that was done THROUGH THE YEARS wasn’t meant to fix all these issues on site permanently. They are fixing what they were left with and it’s overwhelming because it’s more then just a few things.
Weather your looking to move here or you do , if you could just give them the time and understanding this complex will be up and better shape in a few months. Give it time, Good complex’s take time. It’s shocking how ignorant some of these reviews are.
Move out you can’t be understanding, we don’t need the ignorance here.

Verified Resident 286622 -

It has been a wonderful experience.The staff has always made my family feel safe. Any maintenance problems that have occurred have always been addressed and if able to fix immediately they get done and if not they provide date in which the job will be completed.

Verified Resident 284640 -

The location of the apartments are great! Its close to stores and entertainment. The community is nice, but I haven't had a chance to meet any community members yet. I enjoy using the gym in the club house when I can't hit the gym and the computers.

Ivy Brown - Google

We moved here in august, at first the people in the leasing office were never there and were impossible to get a hold of but aviator apartments has new management now. Since then ( it’s only October) there has been multiple things fixed, added and thing in the making to make it better and it is!!! Very nice people and they listen to their tenets!! :) yay Portico!